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Permanent Makeup

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Wake up with makeup!

Whether you are looking for natural brows or want more of a statement look, here at Bellissima Beauty & Aesthetics we use the best products and techniques available to create truly bespoke and perfect results for our clients.

Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes and the right brows can make a huge difference to your face. In the last few years permanent eyebrow treatments have become bigger than ever and if you want fabulous brows 24/7 you will love this procedure. No more pencilling in your brows every morning!

Hair-stroke Brows

Hairstroke Brows are the perfect choice for clients who prefer a very natural result. During this treatment we tattoo individual hairs onto the skin which mimic real eyebrow hairs.

Whether you have lots of your own natural eyebrow hair or none at all our Hairstroke Brows create fuller, enhanced brows that frame your eyes and give your whole face definition, totally transforming your appearance.

Ombré or Powder Brows

If you are looking for something a little more striking or currently fill your brows in daily, Ombré Brows or Powder Brows are a great choice. For our Powder and Ombré Brows we use a specialised shading technique to create a mist of colour across the full brow giving a powdery finish. Always bespoke, this effect can be tailored to you and made as bold or as subtle as you desire!This treatment is also a fantastic option if you are looking to cover old Permanent Makeup.

Combination Brow

Combination Brows are one of our most requested treatments, combining both hairstroke and shading techniques to create beautiful hybrid brows that are a little more defined than Hairstroke but more subtle than Ombré or Powder Brows.

To book a Free, No Obligation Consultation with Amy please get in touch!

Ombré / Powder Brows- £350

Combination Brows – £350

Hair Stroke Brows – £350

Please note a booking fee of £50 is required when booking your Brow appointment, this booking fee will be deducted from the cost of the treatment.

Pre and Post care


  • Avoid drinking large amounts of coffee, ibuprofen, aspirin (unless medically advised) and alcohol the night before your treatment.
  • Any waxing, tinting or eyelash perming should be done 48 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Ensure you’ve been patch tested at least 48 hours prior and have completed your consultation forms, prior to treatment.
  • You must be in good health and not pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Any medical conditions should have been discussed at time of booking.
  • Please eat before your treatment to help with your blood sugar levels.
  • Ensure you allow plenty of time for your appointment.
  • Botox should be done 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your brow appointment.

Post Treatment

  • Aftercare is key to the healing of your permanent makeup and must be strictly followed. If you pick your brows you will lose colour and will be liable to pay for additional retouches.
  • You may notice whiteness or blanching around the area, this is normal and will subside within a few hours.
  • There may be slight swelling, this is normal and should subside within 2 days.
  • In some cases there may be slight bruising. This should last no longer than 1 week.
  • Remember your colour will be darker and more prominent for 5-7 days on average.
  • Avoid any sauna/swimming/heavy exercise until the area has completely healed.
  • For this first 6 hours post treatment, keep the area completely clean and dry. Do not apply anything.
  • After the first 6 hours, gently wipe the area clean with a damp tissue. Pat dry and apply a small layer of aftercare balm with a clean cotton bud. Repeat 2-3 times a day until the area has healed. Continue to apply your after care balm for 28 days for best results & skin healing.
  • As soon as your procedure is finished your body will start to heal. The skin will close and you may see a thin crust which will protect the area whilst the skin heals. After a few days the crust if visible will start to come away revealing the pigment. You will initially see a lighter hue of implanted colour. This will change and settle over the next 4-6 weeks. In some cases a true healed colour cannot be seen for up to 3 months.

Please note THIS IS A TWO STAGE PROCEDURE. Your procedure is not deemed complete until you have had both treatments or we have assessed the results. Your second visit should follow within 6-12 weeks. Any treatments after this time will be charged as a colour boost.

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